Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Reactions From Around Illinois To The Week Mike Frerichs Is Having

This has been a legen - wait for it - dary week for the Illinois Treasurer's race.  To capture all the dynamics of the race, we hit the streets and captured reactions from five interested parties including Congressional Candidate Ann Callis, Democrat supporters, State Senate President John Cullerton, Statehouse Reporters, and campaign donors.

In case you missed it, you can check out "5 Reactions to Mike Frerichs Crowing About "Rebuilding Gifford" (While Wearing A Suit) here on the Truth Team.

Here's how this week is playing out for Mike Frerichs - Democrat Candidate for Illinois Treasurer in five reaction shots:

1. Ann Callis who is running for Congress against Rodney Davis has already been sucked into the "Frerichs Vortex" once by co-hosting an event with Tax Hike Mike Frerichs.  She's already been burned.  But now?  With all this stuff?  The Israel stuff?  The Walgreens stuff?  The crazy stuff on social media?  She's heading for the hills.  She doesn't need her campaign pulled down by the "Frerichs Vortex".

2.  Mike Frerichs supporters have been puttering along all summer.  Thinking..."hey...our guy has a money advantage and we'll be fine come November."  They are hit with a sudden realization that their guy is a trainwreck in July.  Ut oh.

3.  Mike Frerichs Chinaman John Cullerton can't believe what he sees in Capitol Fax.  Give a guy a big check and tell him to go out and run statewide and this is how he repays you?  Unreal.

4.  The Statehouse Press Corps can't believe that it took this long to find the "Scott Lee Cohen or Alan Keyes" of this election cycle.  Now...they have their man and it has been glorious thus far.

5.  Mike's donors having seen the 'return on their investment' so far are jumping out the window.  Why would they give this guy another dollar when they can make better bets on candidates who won't embarrass themselves and have the worst.summer.ever.

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