Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Performance Review of Mike Frerichs - Candidate for Illinois Treasurer

We thought it was time to get around to a true performance review for our favorite latex salesman Candidate for Illinois State Treasurer.  Thanks to Andy and Seth for the inspiration.  

We think it would go a little something like this:

Truth Team:  Mr. Frerichs, thanks for coming to your performance review.

Mike Frerichs:  No problem.

Truth Team:  So, you're in charge around here.  Is that fair to say?

Mike Frerichs: Absolutely.  I'm the boss on this campaign for Illinois State Treasurer.

Truth Team: take us through a day in the 'life of a boss'.

Mike Frerichs:  Well...the first thing I do is:
Lie about my accomplishments [like a boss]
Vote to raise my own pay [like a boss]
Propose a massive Service tax on Illinois [like a boss]
Hide my record from taxpayers [like a boss]
Wear earmuffs [like a boss]
Post my whereabouts on Facebook [like a boss]
Make false claims in videos [like a boss]
Duck out of candidate debates [like a boss]
Get asked "What's Your Deal?" [like a boss]
Wear a suit to a Habitat for Humanity build [like a boss]
Read the Truth Team [like a boss]
Say things that are convenient [like a boss]
Put on my earmuffs again [like a boss]
Take tainted campaign contributions [like a boss]
Try to change the subject of the campaign [like a boss]
Ignore my constituents [like a boss]

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