Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WCIA Reporter Spots Mike Frerichs Around Town?

Is this real life?  Sometimes we here at the Truth Team have to ask ourselves that question.  Illinois politics and campaigns are funny things.  Lots of laughs to be had.  Here's the latest...

Because of our fondness for all things Illinois Treasurer's candidate Mike Frerichs, we get sent things all the time about him.  From tips to story ideas to memes.  But...this screenshot just arrived in our inbox and it is a gem.

This exchange really happened on Twitter?  Hard to believe it, so we had to go look for ourselves.  Indeed.  It is genuine.  You can see it yourself right here. all of it's glory is an exchange between a reporter at WCIA Channel 3 in Champaign and a random Tweeter.  Hilarious.

That *is* funny, Jennifer.  Kudos on the sense of humor.

Although...we all know the truth:  Mike Frerichs doesn't drive with his head out the sunroof.  He drives like this:

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