Friday, July 11, 2014

Attn Illinois: Politican Mike Frerichs Wants To Tax Your Trips to the Gym

News out this morning is that the guy running for Illinois State Treasurer - Mike Frerichs - has proposed a new "Service Tax" in Illinois if he's elected and that it is a lot more far-reaching than initially thought.  As typical politicians usually do, he's saying that the State of Illinois "needs" the additional money because he doesn't want to cut any government.  Pretty nuts, huh?

Well, what does a "Service Tax" mean to you?  If you're trying to stay healthy in Illinois, it means they're going to hit you multiple times!  You'll be paying more for exactly the same services.

And healthcare professionals aren't pleased with this news in Illinois.  At a time when everyone is doing their best to keep their family, self, and community healthy, a new tax on these services isn't helpful.
Healthcare professionals from across Illinois are raising concerns about Democratic State Senator and candidate for Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs’ recently announced plans to enact a service tax on services used by every family in Illinois nearly every day, including healthcare services and doctor visits, health club memberships, rehabilitative care and even yoga classes.
You can do something about it, though.  Head over to OverTaxedIllinois and join the chorus of thousands of folks all over Illinois who are fed up with these new taxes.
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