Friday, July 11, 2014

Week in Review: Frerichs' Yoga Tax, Embarrassing Tweets, "Rebuilding" Gifford, Sullivan & More

It has been one of the busiest weeks here in a long time on the Illinois Truth Team. We've been tipped A LOT of stories, memes, photoshops and leads. Keep 'em coming. We've also seen a ton of you guys come to the site (via links, social and direct) and keep coming back for repeat visits. So...thank you!

If you were away from your device for part of the week, here's what you missed on the Truth Team so far:

Democrat Candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs proposed a tax on yoga classes in Illinois as part of his "Service Tax" that amounts to the largest tax increase in Illinois history on every class of citizens.

The same guy who (above) proposed a 'yoga tax', Mike Frerichs Tweeted.  And it went bad.  

It was a busy week for Mike Frerichs here on the Truth Team.  (We must be a nuisance to the folks who get the Google Alerts on his name at Frerichs HQ!)  The fact that Democrat Candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs wore a suit (yes! A suit!) to a Habitat for Humanity build day came back up due to him talking about the 'rebuilding process'.

State Representative Ed Sullivan Jr. gets named to the Illinois House GOP Leadership Team by Leader Jim Durkin.

Illinois Treasurer Candidate can't help himself it seems.  Later in the week, Mike Frerichs was caught holding his one "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign in a photo. Which lead to even more "discoveries".

Sheila Simon, the Illinois Family Institute and David E. Smith, Adam Andrzejewski and Lisa Madigan took some collateral damage

Paul Schimpf shows the bright line difference between him and current Illinois AG Lisa Madigan

Illinois is losing one of our most valuable asset in this political climate: our statehouse reporters

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