Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Democrat Mike Frerichs Was There For the "Bartman Incident"?!? NFW.

A sharp-eyed Illinois Truth Team reader has just sent us another submission in the "Where's Sign-Holding Mike Frerichs" Scavenger hunt.

By now, you've seen Mike holding his own "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign up for a photo opp with Illinois State Sentor Terry Link and State Representative Carol Sente.

You've also seen how Mike snuck into the back of a US Senator Dick Durbin Facebook post holding the very same "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign.

For the movie buffs in the audience, you might have missed Mike in Braveheart.  But...sure enough...he's there.

And those of you who are watching the race know that Mike Frerichs is a Cubs fan.  He's even turned to his Twitter handle (as he's wont to do) to proclaim for all that can read that he's a Cubs guy.

But...did you know that Mike Frerichs was *there* on that fateful night?  Not only was he in attendance on October 14, 2003 as the Cubs took on the Marlins in the NLCS, but he was - unbelievable - super close to the action that night.

Thanks to TT reader Barbara for sending us this screenshot she took off of her TV:

Unreal.  This guy is everywhere with his "meet me" sign.  If you spot any more, drop them to us in email:  Thanks!
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