Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where Else Has Sign-Holding Mike Frerichs Been?

The submissions are pouring in and we wanted to share one of the early ones with you our dear readers of the Truth Team.

Earlier today, we discovered that sad Mike Frerichs was posing with his "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign in the back of a gaggle in a Dick Durbin ad posted on Facebook.

This was the second sighting of Tax Hike Mike posing with his desperate "meet me" sign.  The first was in this photo of Senator Terry Link and State Representative Carol Sente at an Independence Day Parade over the weekend.

We knew that if there were two sightings of Mike holding his sign, there had to be more.

Sure enough...our eagle-eyed readers didn't disappoint.  First up?  An Academy Award winning film!  Yes...sure enough.  A reader took a screen grab of this epic scene from Braveheart.  Look who's in there holding up his sign:

Can't find him?  Here...we'll blow it up for you:

Can't tell from this angle, but he might be wearing his earmuffs to go along with his outfit.

So folks, do us a favor:  Look through your old photos or keep an eye out in historical images and if you see Mike Frerichs holding his "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign up in the background, drop us a line:
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