Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wait A Minute! Sad Sign-Holding Mike Frerichs Snuck In The Dick Durbin Ad!

It wasn't five minutes ago that we posted this piece on Senator Dick Durbin's "Democrat Day of Action" in Illinois but that's all it took for a sharp-eyed Illinois Truth Team reader to point out to us that there's someone pretty special who snuck in the background of Senator Durbin's flyer.

That's right!  It is Democrat Candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs!  Check him out.  Just like yesterday, he's even holding his own "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign up.  We can't be the only ones who get a huge kick out of seeing a candidate hold up a sign that says "Meet Me!"  (but...that totally fits the bill with Frerichs, right?   Watch the Seinfeld video in this Truth Team post if you want a better understanding of Big Mike's personality!)

Here's a close-up zoomed version of the same graphic posted earlier.  LULZ.


This is clearly becoming a pattern for Mike Frerichs and the Frerichs campaign.

Check out our post:  "Hold your own sign, they said.  It'll be great, they said" here from yesterday that shows desperate Tax Hike Mike posing in the back of this Democrat-filled photo holding up his own name sign.

This calls our attention to where else Mike and his "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign have been seen.   Do you have photos of parades or even around town that Mike Frerichs was in the background holding up his own sign?  Send them our way!  We'll post them if they turn up.

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