Thursday, July 10, 2014

Illinois "Family" Institute, My Ass. Let's Stop This Nonsense

We here at the Truth Team think it is about time that we wrestle control of the word 'family' away from the fringe element isolated on the far end of the political spectrum.  We'll even propose something:  we'll happily exchange the word 'hate' or 'hatred' or even 'shadow' with these shameful groups that hide behind the word 'family'.  

We need to stop letting these folks like David E. Smith at the Illinois Family Action and Illinois Family Institute from hiding in the shadows behind the word family.  They think that because they include the word 'family' in their names they can do and say whatever they want.   We've had enough.

The latest exhibit and one we need to call out is this guy David E. Smith calling Republicans who voted for Marriage Equity 'weak-kneed'.  In his piece talking about State Representative Ed Sullivan being elevated to leadership he put in this passage near the end:
Sullivan was one of three weak-kneed Republicans in the Illinois House who voted to pass marriage redefinition to include same-sex couples. 
Establishment Republicans in Illinois continue to work to push the GOP so-called “big-tent” to the left as fast as they can, cutting off relationships with those on the right. It seems they are doing all they can to alienate their base, and continue to be an irrelevant political entity in the Land of Leaving.
So, what do you say, David E. Smith and the Illinois Family Institute?  Wanna swap terms?  Illinois Hatred Institute?  Or Illinois Shadow Institute?  Seem more appropriate than Family, doesn't it?
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