Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We Now Know Why There Were Just 4 People @ Mike Frerichs & Ann Callis Event...

National media outlets have caught on to Mike Frerichs and his odd prattling on about his whereabouts on Twitter and Facebook.  Just yesterday multiple media outlets covered the story about how Mike Frerichs thought it was a good idea to post a photo of a 'great' event (that's what he called it) and yet show just four people.

You can read the coverage about the story here on the Truth Team.
You can read the original post showing the four people here on the Truth Team.

But...we have some good news, guys!  We figured out why there were just four people at this "great" event for Ann Callis (Democrat for Congress) and Mike Frerichs (Democrat for Illinois State Treasurer).

Why?  Because we've been told that's all the voters he could round up that would actually support his proposal to put a tax on yoga in Illinois among other things.

Now you know!  Makes sense once you understand what Mike Frerichs is proposing to tax if he's elected, doesn't it?
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