Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Don't Let Governor Pat Quinn Off The Hook With His "Ah, Things Happen" Answer

We have to say:  Governor Pat Quinn:  "How Dare You."

Fellow Taxpayers of Illinois...If you're not outraged enough by Illinois State government, the latest from our fearless leader Governor Pat Quinn will get you charged up.

Illinois can't make things right when we have abuses of power and patronage hires like we've seen under Quinn's watch.  The latest came from the Illinois Department of Transportation and forced the head of IDOT to have to resign in shame in the wake of a secret hiring and promotion of her family member.

The Governor's reaction:  "meh." be fair, that's not exactly the words he used, but that's a pretty good Cliff's Notes version of his reaction.

Here's the full response from WLS Radio:
Illinois Dept. of Transportation Secretary Ann Schneider has abruptly resigned.
Governor Pat Quinn apparently made Schneider walk the plank because her stepdaughter was hired and promoted at IDOT. 
“Well, I read that in the paper,” Quinn said. “I wasn’t happy to read it. And, ah, things happen. And I wanted to make sure that when I read about that, it was looked into and we’ve acted accordingly.”
Is that the reaction you want from your Chief Executive after a hiring scandal?  A shoulder shrug and the wave off?  Pat Quinn may be a lot of things including how he bills himself as an 'everyday man', but he sure isn't equipped to lead the State of Illinois.  
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