Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Five Reactions to Mike Frerichs' Admission on #FOIAGATE

On his local radio station WDWS this week, our favorite latex salesman Illinois State Treasurer candidate Mike Frerichs *actually* admitted that his staff had compiled all the information that has been requested to be released to the taxpayers, but he still - for some reason - doesn't want to let it go.

From his WDWS interview that can be heard here:
"I understand in talking to my staff, and say 'why don’t we just release this?' they said we have information compiled, we’re ready to release it- but they have put a very expensive, burdensome request out there, and if they just rein in the scope, we’d be able to release it right away."

What the what?  That can't be his real answer, right?

We wanted to make sure we weren't off-base with our reaction.  So...We asked five of our friends across Illinois what they thought about this self-inflicted mess that Mike Frerichs and his campaign team have brought on themselves and we were there to capture their reaction.

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