Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fourth Time's The Charm For Mike Frerichs On Social Media Fundraising Plea?

It takes some folks four times to get things right.   And in most cases, that's ok.  For instance...

My wife goes to the Home Depot and picks four different samples of paint and tries a little bit of each on the wall.

When my college roommate was 'experimenting' with growing fungii in our apartment, it took him four times to get it 'right' and have them survive.

The Cleveland Browns have changed coaches four times in just six years.  

But...Mike Frerichs, Democrat Candidate for Illinois Treasurer?  

It takes him four times just to get a simple fundraising plea posted to Twitter.  Yep.  Fourth Time appears to be the charm as it has stayed active, while the previous three attempts were aborted.  

It seems that he's always asking for a second chance.  Second chance to cut his campaign video.  Second chance to respond on Israeli bonds.  Second chance to answer on merging the Treasurer/Comptroller in Illinois.  

Apparently...he needs a 'fourth' chance on social these days.

Here it is as it currently sits:

Let us explain:

On Monday afternoon, the Frerichs campaign posted this ridiculous image with these totally unnecessary errors. one is proof reading things down in Champaign.  

After we pointed out the errors, the folks in charge of social media (we use the phrase 'in charge' pretty lightly because it is clear that it is a bunch of mopes over there), they pulled it down.  

Then..Tuesday, they tried again.  Not once.  But twice more.  Yeah...that means they posted it, deleted it.  Then posted it again.  And deleted it again.  Check out the evidence:

And then they went silent.  A full 24 hours later, they lifted the 'shutdown' directive and tried again by posting the image with some fixes made.  (Note...they still haven't fixed one of the errors, though.  Check out the donation page.  Frozen 'snicker' with no 's' at the bottom.  Smooth move guys!)

And this guy wants to be in charge of our state finances?  Please.  We won't be able to give him four chances to get those investments right will we?  

Mike Frerichs always needs at least two chances to get things right.  Illinois can't afford this many mistakes.  
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