Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Frerichs Campaign Also Takes Down Facebook Posts, Tries To Avoid Further Embarrassment

It isn't just on Twitter that the Mike Frerichs for Illinois Treasurer Campaign are deleting posts/photos.

They're also, apparently, totally gunshy on their Facebook wall, too.

In similar fashion, they've taken down a Facebook post that linked to a Fundraising event down at the State Fair.  Here's a screenshot of their post that is no longer active:

It looks, to us at least, that they've fixed their errors, so we're not quite sure why they took this one down.  Guessing that there's a CODE RED down in Champaign after the morning they've had an the folks in charge are likely scrambling and said "Take down EVERYTHING".

Here's what the Frerichs for Illinois Facebook Wall looks like right now.  Note the post isn't there as the most recent photo is from a golf outing yesterday:

We had a Tipster send us a gif of Mike Frerichs walking around town this morning after reading all of this.  He looks to be in bad shape.

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