Thursday, July 24, 2014

Frerichs' License Plate News Leads To Falling Out With Earmuff Investor?

We just got word here at the Illinois Truth Team newsroom that there's been a fracture between Democrat candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs and one of his strongest supporters Frank.

They were going to go in on a side investment in what Mike believes to be a *VERY* lucrative market:  earmuffs for men.  

Turns out, it was over the naming rights of their newly proposed line of "Earmuffs for Men".  Mike Frerichs favored calling them "Bruffs" for "bro-earmuffs", but Frank insisted on "ManMuffs".  

It all came to a boil after word has gotten around about Mike Frerichs "Taxman" license plates.  

Check out this transcript that was provided to us from someone who was at the breakfast this am:
Mike Frerich:  Hey there, supporter Frank! 
Frerichs Donor Frank:  Don't 'supporter Frank' me.  I know what you did.  How dare you propose a Service Tax in Illinois.   
MF:  Come on, Frank.  I don't even know what you're talking about? 
FDF:  You think I don't know?  *TAXMAN*!!!  To think...I almost split the profits of the ManMuffs with you.   
MF:  Bruffs. 
FDF:  ManMuffs! 
MF:  Bruffs. 
FDF:  ManMuffs!  
And see how it all went down in this video:
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