Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Illinois Women: This Mike Frerichs Guy Must Be Joking, Amirite?

Over on, they have a piece that you have to read!  It is one woman's take on how electing Mike Frerichs would effect her family.  She speaks for women all across Illinois who say:  "Mike Frerichs must be joking".
When Mike Frerichs, the Democratic candidate for state treasurer, announced he was trying to raise taxes on services in Illinois, I thought at first he must be joking.

Unfortunately, “Tax Hike” Mike Frerichs just can’t control himself when it comes to raising taxes.

Illinois is already one of the highest-taxed states in the nation, and we don’t get a great return on our investment. Now Frerichs wants to raise taxes on services in Illinois. 
That means he wants to tax us every time we go to a yoga class or the beauty salon. 
The idea of raising taxes when Illinois families are already struggling, and good-paying jobs are leaving our state, is just wrong. I, for one, cannot afford to pay an additional tax to go to yoga or to get my hair done.
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