Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is This About Money, Guys?

There's a story over on Illinois Review about how 'values voters' are 'in a quandary' that quotes crazyman David E. Smith of the Illinois Family Hatred Action.  It talks a bit about how Bruce Rauner is 'ignoring' the base of social conservative voters and details how Rauner has funded the Illinois Republican party which is now flush with cash.
The Illinois Republican Party's base is solidly socially conservative, says Smith. Rauner could be making a huge mistake in ignoring or avoiding the base. It's happened before.
"It is all well and good to reach out to independents, but ignoring the base may backfire. In 2012, Mitt Romney won more independent voters than Barack Obama, but he failed to excite and activate the Republican base of values voters. It seems to me that the Republicans are content repeating this failed strategy."
Rauner is investing heavily in organizing the Illinois Republican Party, having transferred another $525,000 from his governor's campaign coffers to the party at the end of June. In the meantime, Illinois "values voters" seem without a home, and in a quandary when it comes to the upcoming election.
We can't help but read this story as this creep David E. Smith having his 'hand out' to Rauner.

"Hey...where's my piece of the action!?!" is what it screams to us.  He saw the big cash flowing to the ILGOP and figured he should be horning in on some of that good stuff.

We sure hope Rauner's folks don't cave and give this guy and his so-called "Family" bullshit organization a penny.   Rauner can win this fall without David Smith's help and by doing so, we further reduce him and his hatred to further obscurity.
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