Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mike Frerichs Isn't Sure If He Should Save Taxpayer's Money As Treasurer And State Senator

Mike Frerichs isn't sure where he stands on how we can save Illinois taxpayer's over $10M annually.  He's been all over the place on the idea of 'combining' the offices of Illinois State Comptroller and Illinois State Treasurer. a State Senator, Mike Frerichs voted for it.  Then..he was suddenly against the merger:
During an interview on WBBM’s “At Issue”, Frerichs opposed merging the offices of state comptroller and treasurer, even though it would save taxpayer’s over $12 million annually.

Even more bizarre, Frerichs had voted for the merger in the past and even bragged about supporting it a few months ago. 
Mike Frerichs’ new-found opposition to streamlining these offices reveals a troubling lack of consistency and fortitude, which will cost Illinois taxpayers more despite already being victims of the Quinn/Frerichs tax and spend regime.
And...what did his hometown newspaper have to say about this about-face times two?
“But [Frerichs] clearly doesn’t know what he really thinks, and, when candidates don’t know what they believe, they say whatever seems convenient at the moment.”
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