Friday, August 1, 2014

Tom Cross Widens Lead Over Mike Frerichs in Illinois Treasurer's Race

In the race to replace current Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, Republican Tom Cross continues to expand his lead over Democrat Mike Frerichs as a new poll out today shows.  Tom Cross, who is running to restore a balanced budget to the State is leading 2:1 with independent voters and has a lead among women voters.
A poll released this morning from Reboot Illinois/We Ask America contained the latest piece of bad news for “Tax Hike Mike” Frerichs: Tom Cross is leading Frerichs by a margin of 45%-34%. 
Cross’s 11-point lead in today’s poll is up from a June 17 Reboot poll that showed Cross up +7. 
From Reboot: 
Despite Cross being from suburban Oswego and Frerichs from downstate Champaign, Cross held a 48-30 lead over Frerichs among downstate poll participants. Elsewhere, Cross held leads of 11 points in suburban Cook County and 57-27 in the collar counties.

The poll also shows Cross leading +19 among men (50.6-31.7) and +6 among women (42.1- 35.5). 
“Mike Frerichs’ support for Quinn-Madigan agenda of tax hikes and broken budgets is crushing him with voters, and his campaigns gaffes and unforced errors are threatening to derail his campaign,” said Tim Schneider, Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party. “On the other hand, Tom Cross is running to balance the budget, crack down on corruption, and fight back against job-killing tax hikes. And that’s clearly resonating with the people of Illinois.”
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