Friday, July 25, 2014

Reason #12 To Back Paul Schimpf for AG: He'll Protect Veteran's Access to VA Hospitals

This morning, Republican Candidate for Illinois Attorney General Paul Schimpf released the 3rd (or 12th if you're counting down!) reason to support him this fall over Lisa Madigan.  

We've already covered reason #14: He'll protect Illinois residents medical and financial privacy when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (aka 'Obamacare').

And reason #13: He'll Protect Pensions Under Constitution.

From the Schimpf campaign, the #12 reason to support Paul is that he'll protect veteran's access to VA hospitals:
Republican Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf unveiled Reason #12 of the 14 Reasons to Trust a Retired Marine in 2014 on WTAD’s Morning Meeting hosted by Bryan Nichols and Sean Secrease. Schimpf, who is counting down these reasons leading up to the election in November, stated:

“Having been on the receiving end of socialized medicine and medical rationing for 24 years of service in the Navy and the Marine Corps, I can understand and empathize with what Illinois veterans are facing when trying to access their promised medical care. I believe that the Illinois Attorney General’s mandate to protect consumers includes helping veterans get access to their health benefits. Based on this perspective and my experience, I can do a better job than Lisa Madigan of addressing abuses in the care of Illinois veterans by the Veterans Administration.”
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