Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reason #13 to Back Paul Schimpf for Illinois AG: He'll Protect Pensions Under Constitution

Less than two weeks ago, Illinois Attorney General Candidate Paul Schimpf released the first (or 14th) of 14 "reasons to Trust a Retired Marine for AG in 2014".  We covered that announcement here on the Illinois Truth Team.

Today, the Schimpf campaign is releasing their 2nd reason (or #13 if you're counting like David  Letterman!) and it is that Paul Schimpf, unlike our current Attorney General, will work to ensure that pension reform complies with the provisions of the Illinois Constitution.

From the Schimpf Campaign:
In her legal briefs filed on pension reform, Lisa Madigan contends that the pension provisions of the Illinois Constitution do not apply during an emergency or crisis such as the current pension shortfall. Paul Schimpf completely rejects this argument. He stated today at the press conference: 
“Constitutional provisions apply at all times. In fact, the whole purpose of having a Constitution is to protect us from politicians citing ‘emergencies’ as the basis for dubious legislation. When a government makes promises that retirees rely upon, those promises must be kept. If I am elected Illinois Attorney General, my loyalty will be to the Illinois Constitution, not to the legislative agenda of the Madigan Family.”
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