Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You Can't Believe *Anything* That Mike Frerichs Says These Days

Today, in his favorite venue of Facebook, Democrat Candidate for Illinois State Treasurer is flailing about with a quote about how he 'wants to remove politics from the Treasurer's office'.  

See it here with our highlight on the quote:

Unfortunately for Mike, the facts indicate otherwise.  It was just last week, the Tax Hike Mike Frerichs insisted to Crain's Chicago Business columnist Greg Hinz that he was serious about injecting his own personal politics into the State of Illinois' investment strategy.  From the CCB story:
But — without prompting — he then went on to say that the state should divest itself of any pension investments in companies “that move jobs overseas out of Illinois.” 
Mr. Frerichs gave no examples, but as treasurer he would be a voting member of the Illinois State Board of Investments, which handles money management for some of the state’s pension funds. 
Asked whether he would divest shares of Deerfield-based Walgreen if it indeed moves its headquarters to Switzerland, Mr. Frerichs said he’d wait for a while “to see how they manage this…what is the number of jobs they move out of the state.” 
So...once again, Mike says one thing one day, but says something totally different another day.  In order to get out of the mess he created on his criticism of Israeli bonds, he claimed politics would rule the day.  But...down in Effingham he totally forgot about it and said 'no politics' at all.

What is it going to be Mike?  Are you going to be an activist investor that your supporters claim is good for the State?  Or...are you going to get rid of politics totally?  Can we trust your answer?

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