Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10th Dems Organization Sends Unflattering Newsletter, Urges Voters To Just Vote For Party, Not Person

We here at the Truth Team totally *get* that the Illinois 10th Congressional District Democrats is a partisan organization, but leading your monthly newsletter with a piece titled: "Vote for the Party" is just pure folly and frankly casts an unflattering light on the group.

Guess this is how Barbara Altman and the rest of the leadership of the 10th Dems want to operate?  Just find some warm bodies, tell them to 'stick to the plan' and cast straight-party ballots.   Anyone who doesn't do just that is "naive"?!?

Their message:  Listen...don't worry about who's name is on the ballot.  Just vote for the Democrat.  The Machine will take over from there.

From the newsletter:
It has become something of a cliché for North Shore voters to proclaim, “I vote for the individual, not the party.” The implication is that a thoughtful and intelligent voter will carefully examine the qualifications, positions, and—when available—records of competing candidates before deciding which one to support.
Well, this thoughtful and intelligent North Shore voter is here to tell you that she rejects that approach to politics as antiquated and naive.
Shame on you guys.  We should be looking at each and every candidate and vote based on what they stand for and what they want to deliver.
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