Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tom Cross Knows A Balanced Budget Is Key To Illinois Turnaround

Tom Cross, who is running in the race for the Illinois State Treasurer against our favorite punching bag latex salesman Mike Frerichs knows the first place he'd start to get Illinois back on the right track: an honest, balanced budget.
"I think that it is critical that we turn this state around," Cross said. "We have to start with balancing the budget. The Constitution mandates that we have a balanced budget and, because we haven't had a balanced budget, we have $4 (billion) to $5 (billion) to $6 billion dollars of unpaid bills and last year, we spent $300 million in late fees and penalties to anyone who provides services to the state. 
"I think balancing the budget is a lynch pin to the recovery of the state," he said. "I believe the treasurer has a duty to enforce that provision of the Constitution. They only have so much money to spend and if they do spend more, I have a duty to go to court to enforce the Constitution."
If you agree with Tom Cross and want to join his fight, go sign the letter to the Governor and legislators that demands we have an honest, balanced budget every year!
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