Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sorry Mike, There Is No Link. (aka Another Frerichs Social Media Mistake)

Don't you hate it when your campaign staff copy/paste stuff from one place to the other only to get something wrong?  Like...when you copy the text from an email note and try to paste it into a Facebook event listing?  Only to not realize that the copy you used in one venue (say...an email blast) doesn't work on social because you forgot something?

That's the latest case of sloppiness from the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign.  In his glee to flail about regarding a fundraiser he's having with Rahm, Tax Hike Mike forgot to actually put in the link that he references in his post.    Check out where they say "Click the link below to reserve your tickets online."  Unfortunately...they didn't include the link.

Whoops.  Pile this onto the massive mound of social media mistakes and gaffes that the Frerichs campaign continues to make.  

Guess they can't hire that copywriter/proofer from Craigslist fast enough, eh?

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