Monday, August 25, 2014

AG Candidate Schimpf Releases Reason #8: He'll Proactively Uphold Constitutional Rights

It was just last week, that we covered Reason #9 of 14 on why to 'trust a retired Marine' for Attorney General.  Well...This morning, the Paul Schimpf for Illinois AG campaign has come out with reason #8:  He'll proactively uphold constitutional rights:
Republican Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf unveiled Reason #8 of the 14 Reasons to Trust a Retired Marine in 2014 on WIND’s On Target Radio with host David Lombardo. Schimpf is counting down these reasons leading up to the election in November. Reason #8 to trust Paul Schimpf is that he will proactively uphold the constitutional rights of Illinois citizens.

As Attorney General, Paul Schimpf will protect the constitutional rights of Illinois citizens by reviewing local ordinances to assure their compliance with 2nd Amendment Jurisprudence. Under Lisa Madigan, a strong advocate of gun control, citizens have often been forced to sue local governments to have their 2nd Amendment rights enforced. The people of Illinois are already taxed too much without having to bare the cost of lawsuits that could have been avoided.
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