Monday, August 25, 2014

Tom Cross - Candidate for Illinois Treasurer - Proposes Military Scholarship

Tom Cross - the Republican running for Illinois State Treasurer continues to put forth a broad-based, reasoned approach to his thinking about the office of Illinois Treasurer.  From his "focus on returns" mantra to his newly announced proposal to create a Military Family Scholarship Program, Cross continues to demonstrate to voters what he'd do as Treasurer and how - once elected - he'll work to reform Illinois.  
Illinois State Representative and Republican candidate for Illinois State Treasurer Tom Cross outlined plans today that would create a Military Family Scholarship Program for children and grandchildren of active duty members and veterans of United States Armed Forces.

“For military families, life is a constant struggle to make ends meet while dealing with challenges of having loved ones serving in dangerous spots across the globe,” said Cross. “This military scholarship program is just one way we can help make their lives a little bit easier and thank them for their sacrifice and service.”
The Illinois Military Family Scholarship Program would be run through the Bright Start College Savings Plan and will allow for veterans to apply for a scholarship for the Bright Start account they set up for either a child or grandchild. A non-partisan commission of 10 veterans representing each branch of our Armed Forces would determine those receiving scholarships and the amount of the scholarship. The cost of scholarship would be paid through the existing Bright Start scholarship fund created in 2007.
We're excited to hear that Tom Cross has solid, understandable plans for what he wants to see done with the Illinois Treasurer's office.  Get involved, and lend a hand with Tom's campaign by visiting his site.
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