Monday, August 11, 2014

Breaking Report: Could A Hostage Situation Be To Blame in Mike Frerichs Failure to Pay His Taxes Situation?

Posted by:  Bobby Newport, Roving Truth Team Reporter

If it wasn’t bad enough that he hasn’t paid his Property Taxes since 2008, the Illinois Truth Team learned today, that Democratic Treasurer Candidate Mike Frerichs, may be holding these unpaid tax bills “hostage” at an undisclosed place in Illinois.  We're certain that the Mike's Tax Bill - who has a Twitter handle at will confirm if this is the case.

Since the Truth Team can verify that Frerich’s has over one million dollars in his Treasurer’s campaign account, the only logical explanation, is the unpaid tax amount ($1,800) is being held, against it’s will, in some Illinois location.   Why else would he refuse to pay his property tax bills for close to seven years.  Does he think he doesn't need to pay them?  Is he 'above' paying property taxes?  

Local voters are puzzled on why this money has not been forwarded to the its rightful owner, the Champaign County Collector. 
"So...if I get elected to State Senator in Champaign, does that mean I don't have to pay my property taxes like Mike Frerichs," said Paul Gordon, a local teacher in Urbana.
We have to believe that....No statewide political candidate who is proposing to create new taxes that would tax Illinois residents for everything from things like getting your hair done, to going to Yoga class, would willingly and freely refuse to pay their own property taxes. 

Thus...Ladies and Gentleman, this might just be a hostage situation.

As we are in Day 2414 of this hostage crisis, some voters are calling on prominent Illinois Democrats to intervene on behalf of “Tax Hike Mike’s” property tax payment. Speaker Michael Madigan - who knows a thing or two about skirting property tax laws - might be able to assist Mike Frerichs.  We know our first call when we have property tax issues is to the Speaker.  Maybe Mike Frerichs will heed this advice.

This story is developing. Stay tuned to Bobby Newport and the Illinois Truth Team for further details.
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