Monday, August 11, 2014

Wait..What?!? Treasurer's Candidate Mike Frerichs Didn't Pay His Property Taxes?!?

We can't believe we were on vacation last week when this big story broke:  Democrat Candidate for Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs was caught not paying his property taxes since all the way back in 2008. read that right:  he hasn't paid his property tax bills for almost seven years.

From the Associated Press:
A candidate for Illinois treasurer is being asked to explain why he didn't pay more than $1,800 in back taxes and interest to the Illinois Department of Revenue. 
Crain's Chicago Business reports that Champaign Democratic state Sen. Michael Frerichs owes the Champaign County Treasurer $1,814 in back taxes and interest for his legislative office. The Champaign treasurer's office says the bills date back to 2008. 
Frerichs is bidding for treasurer against Republican Tom Cross of Oswego. Cross says the flap raises issues about Frerich's ability to be an "honest and careful" steward of funds.
Is this real life?  Did a guy running for statewide office - and an office that deals with the State's finances - really think that not paying his property tax bill for 6+ years was really going to be 'no big deal'?

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