Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bruce Rauner Pushes "Property Tax Freeze" Via Freezemytaxes.com

The Bruce Rauner for Illinois Governor campaign is up with a microsite that aims to marshall voters around the idea of freezing their property taxes.  Check it out at http://freezemytaxes.com/.
Everywhere Illinois families turn, they are crushed by taxes. But nothing strikes at the core of middle class families more than property taxes – it is the single largest tax in the state. Under Pat Quinn’s failed leadership, as both Lieutenant Governor and Governor, Illinois property taxes increased from 7th highest in the nation in 2005 to 2nd highest today. And property tax rates have increased in each region of the state every year that Quinn has been governor. 
Rauner Reforms: We need a property tax freeze that protects and empowers homeowners. Before any community increases property taxes, taxpayers deserve a detailed explanation as to how the money will be spent and the opportunity to approve the increase or turn it down. No more property tax hikes without taxpayer approval.
You can join Bruce's effort by adding your name to his petition at http://freezemytaxes.com/.

(and..no Mike Frerichs...this doesn't mean you can avoid paying your property taxes in the future like you have for the past 7+ years!)
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