Monday, August 25, 2014

Congressional Candidate Ann Callis' Staff Can't Take The Heat: Gets Physical With Student

After getting caught trying to politicize a student voter registration in Champaign a few weeks back, things are getting a bit worse for Ann Callis, Mike Frerichs, and the local Democrats.  This time, Callis staffers decide to 'grab' a student protestor and push him away from the action.  Check out the video here:

Now...we'll quarrel with the fact that this video was taken portrait mode not landscape, the proof is in the pudding with these videos.  Now..we'll grant you that they didn't slug the kid or anything, but they shouldn't be touching him.  That's for sure.

The worst part?  The candidate laughs it off.  After the staff member brags to Ann Callis about aggressively handling this kid, Callis just smiles, drinks her water and laughs.

Doesn't seem all that "Congressional" to us, Judge Callis.
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