Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why Paul Vallas May Win Either Way This November

OneMan has a thought up about Paul Vallas and it is worth reading.  He thinks Vallas is positioned either way things roll this fall.
Well he either ends up Lt. Governor for a guy who isn't going to run for another term and has 4 years to work the state and the Democratic Party as Lt. Governor. Even if Quinn wins he isn't going to become Captain Popular with the Democratic Party in Illinois giving Vallas a chance to be the one people like as it were... 
If Quinn loses, Vallas is positioned to run for Governor in 4 years having spent time going around the state, increasing his residency time as well positioning himself as the education candidate down the road. A Rauner governorship is not going to be a bed of roses and Vallas has always done well with the press and would be a lot for accessible for Chicago media than Mike Madigan (who is no fan of the media) and a better on camera interview (and more relevant) to a Chicagoland TV news audience than any of the other four tops would be.
We have to admit that we always kinda liked the guy.  Not sure why.  But...felt like he was the real deal and someone we could get behind.  That he's been dispatched to be Pat Quinn's attack dog is a shame because voters probably don't even know he's running with Quinn.
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