Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AG Candidate Paul Schimpf Calls On Lisa Madigan To Stand Down on #NRI

Illinois Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf is drawing a line in the sand on current Attorney General Lisa Madigan's ability to be a neutral party in the on-going and un-raveling #NRI scandal that is plaguing Governor Pat Quinn's campaign.

The Schimpf campaign makes some strong points about the conflict of interest that is facing Lisa Madigan:
Republican Attorney General Candidate and Retired Marine Prosecutor Paul Schimpf held a press conference today to call on Attorney General Lisa Madigan to recuse herself from giving legal advice on all matters involving the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (“NRI”). The Chicago Sun Times recently reported that Ms. Madigan does not believe she has a conflict of interest. 
Ms. Madigan’s inability to understand that there is a conflict of interest in this situation calls into question her competence to serve as Attorney General for the State of Illinois. Her belief is contrary to the fundamentals of practicing law as defined by the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.7 on Conflicts of Interest. Ms. Madigan, as Attorney General, was in a position to provide oversight on this program and failed to do so – a fact not in dispute. She is a material witness in the investigation of the failed Neighborhood Recovery Initiative and needs to recuse herself as soon as possible in this matter.
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