Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ann Callis Tries To Explain Away Her Residency Issue in Congressional Campaign

They say: "When you're explaining in a campaign, you're losing."

And...so with this dump of information on the Ann Callis for Congress site, we know that Ann Callis is losing - the perception battle - not just for where the voting public *thinks* she lives (that's nuts in the first place, right?!?) but she's also clearly losing the perception battle on the campaign against Rodney Davis at large.

You can read Ann's explanation of where exactly she lives, but we thought we would show you the reaction of our focus group of voters in the 13th District when we walked them through the pickle that Ann Callis is in and how she's trying to 'show' voters the 'truth'.   We laid out the facts and then showed them Callis' long blathering response on her site.

Here's the reaction of one of the members of the focus group:

That's not the reaction you'd want if you were in the Ann Callis for Congress camp.

But...there's always the hashtag victory right?  #Guardiansofthe13th FTW.
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