Monday, September 15, 2014

Earmuffs, a Sash, and Skipping Your Property Taxes: The Mike Frerichs Story

We mentioned it earlier, but we can't help but see where Mike Frerichs is getting his inspiration from these days:  European Royalty.

We mean...where else would a guy who is known to adore wearing earmuffs turn to to ground his approach as a 'public servant'?

Just look at his history:  Mike Frerichs failed to pay his property taxes for seven years.  If you were trying to act like royalty, of course you wouldn't pay your taxes, right?  

If we drew a venn diagram that had on one side:  people who wear a sash.  And on the other: people who don't pay property taxes.  Guess who would be in the middle?  Just a few folks:  European Royalty and candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs.
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