Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hey Mike Frerichs....A Little Media Lesson For You?

We know it is tough to comprehend for you, Mike Frerichs.  What...with all that is going on in the Treasurer's race?  And...all the selfies you have to post on your Facebook wall?  We know that takes time and attention.

But...a mistake like this is easy to avoid.

Here's a lesson: Rick Pearson.  He hosts the Sunday Spin on WGN Radio:

He's the guy who you claimed was interviewing Tom Cross. were wrong.

*This* is Steve Cochran.  He's the morning drive guy on WGN:

He's the guy who actually was interviewing Tom Cross.  

For a guy running for statewide office, it is kind of embarrassing to confuse the two, isn't it?

Boy...that Yale education sure is paying off!  Germanic Studies FTW!
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