Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mike Frerichs Opens Mouth, Gets It Wrong In Glorious Fashion (Again)

Oh, we thank the lord for Treasurer's candidate Mike Frerichs and his continued giving of mistakes and flubs.  

Yesterday, the Frerichs' campaign posted to their site a release that 'slams' his opponent Tom Cross.  (And...we say 'posted' to their site only because they tried to shop around the release to reporters but no one would take it/write about it, so their site was their only option!). glorious Mike Frerichs fashion, they screwed up.  In between their breathlessly worded criticisms, they failed to actually listen to the program that they were citing.  You can see for yourself here on the Frerichs site.

There are lots of mistakes, but let's look at the biggest one.  In four spots (and...we'll get to social in another post!), they point to an appearance on "The Sunday Spin" with Rick Pearson as the source for the comments made by Tom Cross.

Unfortunately....they were said on the Steve Cochran show on WGN.  On a Wednesday.

Way to go Team Frerichs!  Even in your releases where you try to whack your opponent, you can't get anything right!  We wouldn't expect anything less from you, Mike!
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