Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We'll Not Be Voting For This Guy

This may make us here at the Truth Team fairly unpopular with some folks in OUR Party - the Republican Party, but we're going to say it anyway...

Over on Facebook, someone pointed this post out to us:  The Mercer County Republicans are promoting a guy running for county board.  One of the photos they're using to promote the guy is him with this majestic, dead bear.

Why on earth anyone would think it was a good idea to take the life of something as amazing as that creature is besides us.  Just look at that beast.  There's no good reason this guy needed to 'capture' him as they say on their site.

To be frank:  We don't think there could be a photo of a politician posted on Facebook that might make us less likely to vote for a guy than this one.

We *get* that this works in Mercer County. shouldn't work anywhere.

This candidate is probably a great guy.  A guy who can do great things for the County.  But...let's not glorify killing something like this beautiful bear as something we should aspire to, please.
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