Friday, September 5, 2014

So, What Exactly *Are* Mike Frerichs' Values?

Yesterday, our favorite latex salesman candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs had his campaign manager trot out a line in the press that struck us as interesting.  He said, in response to losing an endorsement to a business group to his opponent Tom Cross, this:
"Those are not the values that Mike Frerichs was raised with in central Illinois or that he will bring to the treasurer's office," Frerichs campaign manager Zach Koutsky said in a statement.
So...that got us wondering: what exactly *are* the values that Mike would bring to the office?

Turns out, our mole inside the Frerichs' HQ leaked us this document that shows a detailed look at the type of values Mike Frerichs would indeed bring to the office of Treasurer.

How convenient.

We're surprised by how much he does, indeed, care about earmuffs.  Aren't you?

Have any other ideas on the type of values Mike Frerichs would bring to the office?  Drop them to us here:
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