Thursday, September 11, 2014

Over 70% of DuPage County Voters Want To Roll Back 67% "Temporary" Income Tax Increase

From State Representative Ron Sandack's 2014 Legislative Constituent Survey comes this overwhelming response from voters to push back the 1.5% income tax increase that Governor Pat Quinn, Treasurer Candidate Mike Frerichs, and the rest of the mopes down in Springfield foisted on all of us.

From the survey:
The survey asked three multiple choice questions and also provided people with an opportunity to list the three top issues that were most important to them. For the first question, which was “Do you support rolling back the 67% temporary income tax increase, even if it means a reduction in some state services?,” 71.47% of the respondents answered “yes.” For that question, 24.86% of the respondents said “no” and 3.67% said they were undecided.
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