Wednesday, September 24, 2014

State Representative Bob Pritchard Helps Bring NIU Stephens Hall Construction To Life

Over on his Facebook Wall, State Representative Bob Prichard posts this photo of a bunch of dignitaries 'breaking ground' on a new building on the campus of Northern Illinois University in his district.

The background for the photo:

Great news for NIU and kudos for Bob Pritchard for helping bring this new facility to life.

This is exactly the type of work a good State Representative should be doing:  working to partner with institutions and organizations in their district to deliver results.  Great job, Representative Pritchard!

It is just too bad that everyone in the photo is wearing a suit jacket, though.  We have a really hard time picking out Representative Pritchard in the photo.

If they weren't wearing jackets, it'd be easy:  just look for the guy with the tie/short-sleeved shirt combo.  That's the prototypical State Representative Bob Pritchard look!

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