Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Curious Case Of The Disappearing Jim Cornelison Fundraiser for Mike Frerichs

Earlier this month, we covered a fundraiser that Mike Frerichs - candidate for Treasurer was planning that featured "The Voice of the Chicago Blackhawks" Jim Cornelison.  In typical Mike Frerichs fashion, their event listing on Facebook contained an error as they listed the event to run for 25.5 hours.  You can see that post here on the Truth Team.

The event was scheduled for today - September 24th.  See this screenshot - from the original post - of the event created by Treasurer's candidate Mike Frerichs.

But...when you go to Mike Frerichs' events page that lists all the upcoming events, you discover that there's no mention - at all - of Jim Cornelison.  Any mention of him or his event has been totally scrubbed from history.

Here's what it looks like now: Jim Cornelison event tonight.

Now...we have to think that getting Jim Cornelison to headline your fundraiser is a pretty big deal and would go over well with donors - especially in Chicago.

So...we have to wonder?  What happened?

Whey did the event fall apart?

Why did Jim Cornelison bail out on Mike Frerichs and his campaign for State Treasurer?

Do any readers of the Truth Team have the inside intel on what really happened?

What caused Cornelison to possibly re-think his involvement in the campaign?

If you have details or know what happened, drop us a note on the tip line:

Let's get down to the 'truth'.  We'll post what our readers send us.
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