Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Mike Frerichs Fundraiser Plea Featuring Himself Holding His Own Sign?!?

No sooner did we post our piece about Mike Frerichs and his sad fundraiser in Kankakee that nobody is attending than did the Frerichs campaign quickly add a head to the 'count' on the event and posted a teaser photo on their own Facebook Wall of Mike Frerichs at the venue for the event to try to encourage more people to attend.

First, check out the event listing now.  Note the new 1 person who is 'going'.  Here's the 'be the first person to join' listing that was live just 10 minutes ago.

That one person?  Mike Frerichs himself.  Holding his own sign.  Again!

We have to say we're a bit surprised, especially after all the grief we've given him, that they had him hold up his "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign in the promo piece?
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