Thursday, September 25, 2014

The "Days Since Mike Frerichs Screwed Up" Sign Didn't Have A Chance

The "Days Since Mike Frerichs Made A Mistake" Sign didn't have a chance.

In his own signature way, our favorite latex salesman candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs flailed about today with a release about his opponent.

But, it wasn't just signature because it was written 'breathlessly', but also because it was wrong.  (can't you just hear the shrieks that typically come out of a teen's basement sleepover whenever you read something from Mike?  Is it us alone that feels that way?  Can't be, right?!?)

As he attempts to tie his opponent to the illuminati some organization that nobody really understands, he fumbles in typical Mike Frerichs fashion.

He points out that his opponent was at some event back in 2011?

Pix or it didn't happen is how we work around here at the Truth Team.

And..unfortunately for Mike Frerichs...There are pix of his opponent.  Just not at the conference.

Turns out, he was in his district?

That's a shame.  Blows a hole in the narrative, doesn't it Mike?
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