Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tonight: Ron Sandack Hosting Tele-Town Hall On Proposed Education Funding Cuts

Those of you who live in and around the suburbs and have school-aged kids have probably heard murmurs and whispers about something called "Senate Bill 16".

Senate Bill 16 would significantly rewrite the school funding formula in a manner that would devastate schools in much of the suburbs of Chicago.

State Representative Ron Sandack has taken on the bill and is working to actively 'sink' it (as the Illinois Observer put it) and that's good news for those of you who live in DuPage, Will, Kendall, Lake Counties.  
“In its current form, SB16 strips the districts in this area of most of their general state aid dollars and channels most of the money to the Chicago Public School System,” Sandack said. “While I support full, fair, comprehensive reforms to the school funding formula, I cannot and will not support an initiative that would cripple the school districts in DuPage and other suburban counties.” 
According to Sandack, SB16 would redirect $140 million in general state aid dollars away from DuPage County. “That’s $140 million in hard-earned taxpayer dollars taken from people who live in District 81 and the other DuPage County legislative districts,” said Sandack. “It is an unfair reallocation of limited state aid, and it is an unacceptable short-cut solution to Illinois’ school funding issue.” 
SB16 passed in the Illinois Senate during the final days of the Spring legislative session but was not called for a vote in the House of Representatives. It is possible that a revised version of the bill will emerge during the General Assembly’s November veto session.  
And...State Representative Ron Sandack isn't doing this alone.  He wants you - the voter - to get involved.

That's why he's hosting a Tele-town Hall meeting TONIGHT from 7:15 to 8:15 on SB 16.

You can join by calling 888-987-3602 at 7:15 or email him at with questions ahead of time.
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