Wednesday, September 24, 2014

5 Things Mike Frerichs Would Do "Different" If Elected Treasurer In Illinois

By now, you've undoubtably read the story about how Mike Frerichs and his campaign have stated that they'd "run the Treasurer's office differently".  We pointed out how flawed that approach is and how it would have disastrous effects on Illinois taxpayers.

But...we thought there had to be more to his platform when it comes to 'different'.  Fortunately, we were leaked a memo that outlined his top five priorities when it comes to 'running the Treasurer's office differently'.  Why just five?  We don't know.  But...we wanted to share them with you.

We've pulled the top five list out of the memo to protect the identity of our mole inside the Frerichs compound down in Champaign.

Have you heard another way that Frerichs would do differently?  Drop it to us in email at

Top 5 Things Mike Frerichs Would Do "Differently" As Treasurer:

1.  Get the letterhead changed to spell the office the way he likes to spell it:  Treasures’ office.
2.  At all I-Cash events, the "swag" will be custom-printed Frerichs earmuffs.
3.  Friday won't be 'casual day', it will become 'sash day'.
4.  No one who works in the office has to pay their property tax bills.  What's good for the boss, should be good enough for the rank-and-file employees.
5.  Press releases will be sent with an accompanying selfie for use on the media outlet's Facebook Wall.
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