Thursday, September 11, 2014

Treasurer Candidate Mike Frerichs Using Governmental Resources To Campaign?

Over on Mike Frerichs' campaign Facebook page, he's breathlessly posted a series of events that all include some imagery.  This latest event is listed for something in Sycamore.

The problem?  The image they've posted isn't just a photo.  Nope.  It is a created image from the City of Sycamore's site.  How can we be sure?  Just pop it into the Google Image Search tool and guess what?  It shows where Mike's crack team got the image:

So...the taxpayers of Sycamore paid for the designer/staffer to build that image.  And..Mike Frerichs goes ahead and grabs it and uses it for his own political gain?  Is that right?  We don't think so.

I thought the era of using government resources for political campaigns went out with George Ryan?

Guess Mike Frerichs and team don't really care where their stuff comes from.  To them, it doesn't matter - it's all THEIRS.

Isn't this the type of problem Mike Frerichs was railing against in the current Treasurer's office?  Mixing government and politics?
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