Monday, October 13, 2014

2nd Time Mike Frerichs Gets Caught Proposing Things Already In Place In Treasurer's Office

Those of you who have followed the adventures of The Gaffeman - Mike Frerichs - and his campaign for Illinois Treasurer have likely already seen the first instance of a time when Mike - and his big, big, big Yale brain - proposed something to implement in the Treasurer's office that *already* exists.

It was back in September when Mike Frerichs and his crack team of policy analysts rolled out his 'Eco-Ag" proposal.  You remember that one right?  It was the one filled with typos, grammar mistakes and the biggest piece of it, unfortunately.....already was implemented by current Treasurer Dan Rutherford? don't remember that?  Check out our post on the subject here.

You're back?  Ok...let's review the key piece:  Mike Frerichs signature proposal was ALREADY in place!
Mike Frerichs’ lack of knowledge of the office he seeks to occupy is nothing short of staggering. Time and again the Democratic State Senator has exhibited a disturbing level of unawareness that should deeply concern Illinois voters,” said Kevin Artl, Cross for Treasurer Campaign Manager. 
“His last miscue? Frerichs announced a new program for farmers, that already exists. This comes on the heels of Frerichs calling for a divestiture of Illinois’ investment in Israel, which followed a litany of other gaffes. A clear indication of how someone will perform in office is reflected in how they conducted themselves previously, and thus far, Frerichs has demonstrated a penchant for loving every tax increase that crossed his desk and tripping all over himself on the campaign trail.”
That happening once is pretty bad.  But...when you get called out during your campaign a second time for something else you are proposing?  Awful.

But...that's exactly what the Quincy Herald-Whig did this weekend when they pooh-pooh'd Mike Frerichs and his big, important idea of an audit of the office of the Treasurer.

Ummm...the Quincy Herald-Whig says, that already in place.  Strike 2, Mike:
Frerichs has been a member of the state Senate for eight years and was previously the Champaign County auditor. He wants to conduct an audit of the treasurer's office and put an end to "cronyism and corruption" among those he supervises. 
While those may be worthy goals, audits of all state offices are conducted periodically, and as a constitutional officer, Frerichs or anyone else would have the power to safeguard against wrong-doing by those under his supervision.
Emphasis, ours.

When you don't have any ideas, you just talk about stuff that already is in place?  We guess.

Just another day in the life of The Gaffeman - Mike Frerichs.

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