Monday, October 6, 2014

Ann Callis Tries To Console Mike Frerichs On Losing Daily Herald Endorsement

When your campaign is at it's darkest, you naturally turn to the folks who have been there before.  In the case of Mike Frerichs and his faltering campaign for Illinois Treasurer, he reached out to someone he knows well - and someone who's campaign tanked faster than his - Congressional candidate Ann Callis.

Frerichs reached out to Callis to express his disappointment in Tom Cross securing the endorsement from the 2nd largest newspaper in the Chicago metropolitian area the Daily Herald.

We were able to intercept this bit of advice from Callis to Frerichs. She hits an important note for Mike:  he *might* one day be a good politicians.  If he 'only had a brain'.

Now...we're not telling Mike Frerichs and his team what to do, but Ann Callis and her sinking campaign is not the first place we'd turn for advice on righting the ship?!?
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