Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Confirmed: 'Frerichs Vortex' Takes Down Callis For Congress Campaign

Welp...it is official.  After weeks of us warning all the parties involved to stay clear of The 'Frerichs Vortex', news this week is that the DCCC is proclaiming the Ann Callis for Congress Campaign to be DOA.  They're outta there.
The DCCC is revamping its campaign investment plan. Instead of spending money to attack Republican incumbents, they'll be focusing on protecting endangered Democrat incumbents, a Politico story says Monday.

The change in plans is bad news for Democrat challenger Ann Callis, who will be on her own as the DCC is reportedly cancelling attack ads in Republican Congressman Rodney Davis' 13th race.
Emphasis, ours.

We told her.  We told her.  We told her.

But...Anne probably was too busy shuttling back and forth between her home in St. Louis in Missouri and her rental townhome *in* the District to hear our warnings on Mike Frerichs and The 'Frerichs Vortex'.  

On to the next victim.
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